wits justice project

The Wits Justice Project investigates miscarriages of justice and raises awareness of issues within the criminal justice system with an aim to advocate for change, strengthen procedures and build on reform efforts. This is achieved through investigative journalism, advocacy, research and education.

Investigative Journalism

Free State ANC tramples on justice

Apr 13, 2018

WJP's Ruth Hopkins reveals how several cases involving party members point to the political silencing of their often poor opponents.

How our focus on punishment fails society and inmates

Apr 12, 2018 | Azarrah Karrim
Business Day

While many prisoners in SA live in overcrowded, inhumane conditions often inconsistent with human rights, billions of taxpayer rands are invested in prisons every year.

When the perpetrator is a victim – jailed for a crime he did not commit

Apr 06, 2018

After spending five years in jail for a crime he always claimed he did not commit Daniel Brilliance Sehloho is supposed to be one of the lucky ones whose wrongful conviction has been overturned. Instead, he believes his problems really started when he was released. By CAROLYN RAPHAELY for Wits ...

Outreach & Education