wits justice project

The Wits Justice Project investigates miscarriages of justice and raises awareness of issues within the criminal justice system with an aim to advocate for change, strengthen procedures and build on reform efforts. This is achieved through investigative journalism, advocacy, research and education.

Investigative Journalism

It is remembering, not looking away, that will help America deal with its ugly past

Dec 13, 2016 | Ruth Hopkins
The Daily Vox

Ruth Hopkins reflects on her recent visit to the United States of America, where processes of truth telling reminded her of its history of slavery and lynching. She learned that it can actually be destructive not to acknowledge the pains, horrors and atrocities of the past.

Departmental Reports – where truth hides in plain sight

Dec 08, 2016 | Carolyn Raphaely
The Daily Maverick

Anyone taking the time to mine the turgid annual reports of SA’s bloated bureaucracy will occasionally be rewarded with a gem – a valuable nugget of information which will make the mostly tedious task worthwhile.

Capital punishment: A thin line between life and death

Dec 01, 2016 | Ruth Hopkins
The Daily Maverick

The deadly margin of error in death penalty cases should come as a salutary warning to those wanting to reinstate capital punishment in South Africa. Consider the case of Anthony Ray Hinton from Alabama, US.

Outreach & Education