wits justice project

The Wits Justice Project investigates miscarriages of justice and raises awareness of issues within the criminal justice system with an aim to advocate for change, strengthen procedures and build on reform efforts. This is achieved through investigative journalism, advocacy, research and education.

Investigative Journalism

The wasted years: When justice isn’t just

May 15, 2019 | Carolyn Raphaely
Daily Maverick

"The US National Registry of Exonerations currently lists 43 men whom the criminal justice system has robbed of more than 30 years of their lives as punishment for crimes they did not commit. When Ricky Jackson, sentenced to death and incarcerated for 39 years – including two ...

Prison company stalls court actions

Dec 07, 2018 | Ruth Hopkins
Mail & Guardian

A joint can still get you in the joint

Oct 18, 2018

In 2012, I was arrested with two friends for smoking a joint I had just bought off a car guard in Melville, Joburg. Now that dagga has been partially legalised, I feel I can come out of the pot closet.

Outreach & Education