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Justice for Breakfast anthologies

Justice for Breakfast  was a partnership of the Wits Justice Project (WJP) and the Public Safety Programme at the Wits School of Governance. The first Justice for Breakfast was held in early 2013. 

This very popular series of events has become a well-known brand, and a very useful tool for academic input into societal innovation, as well as breaking down walls between authorities and activists.

The Justice for Breakfast roundtable debates created safe, confidential spaces for deliberating the causes of challenges, blockages and inefficiencies in the criminal justice sector in South and Southern Africa. This opened opportunities for first-hand insights into the complexities facing practitioners at the coalface of delivering justice in South Africa. The aims of the Justice for Breakfast roundtables were to reveal criminal justice complexities and focus on solutions-driven debate.
Justice for Breakfast discussions focused  on deepening understanding and finding solutions. The difficulties of operating, in South Africa and the region, to protect people against human rights violations and to ensure broader access to justice were the common theme of the roundtables. So too, accountability, and the effective distribution and monitoring of resources, emerge as critical factors to building trust between people and the authorities in the criminal justice system.

Three “Anthology of Justice for Breakfast Roundtables” have been produced to document the initiative.