Investigative Journalism

Rape survivors recount their quest for justice

Cape Town - Rape in South Africa – this is the tragic tale of two women – one who saw justice dispensed relatively swiftly with her attacker now behind bars, while the other has spent the past decade painstakingly seeking justice through the courts against the inefficiency of the South African Police Services which is nowhere near to finalising her case.

Forensic science: The danger of relying on a single piece of evidence

At the core of the criminal justice system lies a big responsibility: suitably punishing perpetrators of crimes and exonerating the innocent. Although this sounds like a straightforward undertaking, misleading forensic evidence has proven to be one of the biggest systematic defects — one that has cost many innocent people their freedom.

Sonke Gender Justice ’thrilled’ about prisoners’ rights ruling

Sonke Gender Justice has welcomed the Constitutional Court’s confirmation of the decision of the Western Cape judiciary regarding the independence of the Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services (JICS) and the rights of prisoners.“We are thrilled the Constitutional Court has confirmed the decision of the Western Cape High Court in declaring sections of the Correctional Services Act unconstitutional.