Sexual Assaults Procedural Barrier May Soon Be Lifted

Arguments heard in the Constitutional Court last week may result in the Constitutional invalidity of laws relating to the prosecution of sexual assault cases older than twenty years being confirmed. The case is the result of decades of legal proceedings by lawyers for the “Frankel 8” - individuals who were sexually assaulted as children by late Constitution Hill trustee, Sidney Frankel, with some cases dating as far back as 47 years.  After Tuesday’s arguments, the Constitutional Court may soon lift the “procedural barrier” which previously made sexual assault cases older than 20 years unprosecutable.

The Hawks are investigating three men involved in Ahmed Timol’s death – what does this mean for the suspects?

The Hawks have opened a docket in order to charge former Security Branch members Joao Rodrigues, Neville Els and Seth Sons, all implicated in Ahmed Timol’s 1971 death, with murder, death accessory to murder and perjury. Earlier this year, all three testified at the re-opened inquest into the cause of Timol’s death in detention at John Vorster Square (now Johannesburg Central Police Station).  

The price of the Warrior Woman’s freedom

Mail and Guardian journalist Athandiwe Saba writes about the nuances of 'Lion Mama', the woman who stabbed three men, killing one, to save her daughter. Saba interviews WJP's Ruth Hopkins about her experiences with convicted woman who also pleaded self-defense. 

Blog Post: Lion Mama - A Sweet Victory Among Innumerable Injustices Against South African Women

An Eastern Cape woman - now affectionately referred to as “Lion Mama” after reports of her killing one of three men who were allegedly gang raping her daughter - has sent a ripple of celebrations across the country following a decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to withdraw all charges against her. However, where South African women who kill their abusive, violent partners in life threatening situations are concerned, the same is seldom assured.