The murky case of Vicki Momberg and Crimen Injuria

Yesterday Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan, in a potentially precedent setting judgment, sentenced Vicki Momberg to three years in prison of which one year will be suspended.  Momberg was convicted of crimen injuria in 2017. Crimen injuria refers to a deliberate injury to another’s dignity by using racially offensive or obscene language or gestures.

Wits Justice Project and Just Detention International - South Africa host a workshop on reporting on torture and sexual abuse in prisons

Think back to the number of times you have heard the word ‘torture’ thrown around casually. A long wait in a queue at the licensing department, for instance, can be loosely described as torture. Sitting in a long and monotonous lecture can be described as torture. Examples like these generally evoke, at least, a mild sense of empathy that stems from their relatability. We can connect with these pains and overlook the hyperbole of describing them as torture. But what exactly is torture apart from a word we throw around almost always indiscriminately? 

Sexual Assaults Procedural Barrier May Soon Be Lifted

Arguments heard in the Constitutional Court last week may result in the Constitutional invalidity of laws relating to the prosecution of sexual assault cases older than twenty years being confirmed. The case is the result of decades of legal proceedings by lawyers for the “Frankel 8” - individuals who were sexually assaulted as children by late Constitution Hill trustee, Sidney Frankel, with some cases dating as far back as 47 years.  After Tuesday’s arguments, the Constitutional Court may soon lift the “procedural barrier” which previously made sexual assault cases older than 20 years unprosecutable.