Inmate Support

  • If you are an inmate or family of an inmate you may wish to access the Know Your Rights Series here. We are in the process of developing a video series in different languages on prisoner rights and providing information as to what to do in the event of sexual abuse.
  • If you are reporting any form of torture and abuse please use the contact page.
  • If you feel you have been wrongfully convicted please use the contact page to describe your case and also describe what evidence you believe you can adduce that would influence an outcome of an appeal. Please also inform us with the year of incarceration, all your appeals and why they were upheld. 
  • If there is any other matter you wish to alert us to use the contact page.

We are not a legal clinic or firm and we alert anyone to their Legal Aid representative however we are aware that sometimes all the legal channels are exhausted and you may need advice.