Kindly note that Wits Justice Project is not a legal firm; we are a group of journalists and researchers. Limited resources and funding make it impossible for the WJP to respond to each form of correspondence individually. In the event of you not receiving a response within 3 months, please note that the WJP is not in a position to be of assistance to you.

For your information, the criteria we use to assess cases on which we may be able to investigate is as follows,

The Wits Justice Project MAY investigate a case if:

  1. There is reasonable evidence of a wrongful conviction.
  2. An inmate’s rights have been violated.
  3. An inmate has been in remand detention for more than two years.
  4. There is new evidence that has become available and can be investigated.
  5. If all legal channels and options have been exhausted.

The Wits Justice Project MAY NOT investigate a case if:

  1. It is a conviction for rape or sexual assault, unless there is DNA evidence that can be challenged.
  2. The inmate only wants to challenge the sentence, and not the conviction.

We suggest you contact the following organisation that might be able to assist you:

Legal Aid South Africa Head Office
Private Bag x76
Johannesburg, 2017

011 877 2000

Thank you! We will contact you soon

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